Rotary Evaporator Motorized Lift w/ Water Vacuum Pump

Low cost and easy to maintain (changing water), highly corrosion-resistant, clean vacuum (generated from water, instead of oil) Cost effective table-top chiller circulator with 5Lreservoir and temperature down to -20°C.

Model: Marks RE-502

Key Features
  • Modular design for low cost, easy maintenance reliable performance.

  • 4 options of glassware assembly: vertical coil, diagonal coil, dry ice & vertical oil with reflux.

  • Solvent-resistant PTFE vacuum seal for long service life.

  • Compatible with evaporating flasks from 0.25 L to 5L.

  • Oil / /water bath operates up to 180 DegC, suitable for stand-alone operation.

  • Easy to operate hand lift (150mm range) on heating bath.

  • Large1,200cm2 cooling surface

  • Convenient large digital display and continuous adjustment for rotation speed & bath temperature.

  • Large digital display on the bath for both set & actual temperature.

  • Double layer cooling coils for improved condenser performance.

  • High quality borosilicate glass 3.3 with excellent physical and chemical properties.

  • 1-year warranty included.

Marks RE-502-Brochure

$ 2,100/- Ex-Works


Model Marks RE-502
Bath type Oil bath
Evaporation Flask Pear-shaped,1L&2L flask, 24/40 or 24/29 joint
Receiving Flask Round bottom, 1 liter
Condenser Vertical with dual-spiral glass tubing
Vacuum Seal PTFE + Viton
Rotation Speed 10 to 150 rpm
Evaporation Speed 1200 mL/Hr.
Bath power 1.5 KW
Safety Features Fuse and over-temperature protection
Lift Function Motorized Lift with Brushless Motor
Stand Base Heavy-duty SUS304 plate
Bath Temperature Range Room temperature + 5℃ to 180℃
Accuracy +/- 1℃
Display Digital display for speed, set/actual temperature
Connection 3/8" hose barb
Bath Size 280mm diameter x 160mm height, 9.8 Liter
Bath Material SUS304
Total Weight 25kg
Heating Power 1500 W
Voltage 230V

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