Scilogex shakers are used in both chemical and biological applications to stir or agitate liquids. The liquids to be mixed can be used with a variety of vessles and placed on various platform options and shaken. Samples in a lab shaker or rocker can be agitated via a linear/reciprical motion or orbital motion.

Our lab shakers are available in linear/reciprical and orbital and are capable of shaking samples of up to a maximum load of 7.5 kg. The shakers offer a range of shaking speeds, from 10 rpm to 500 rpm, allowing the user to select lower speeds for applications in which a more gentle shaking action is required, such as when creating cell cultures, and a faster speed for when more vigorous mixing is required. LCD Digital shakers from Scilogex incorporate a timer, allowing the user to specify the length time required for agitation, and therefore to leave the unit unattended during this time.


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