Cutting Mill

M200 efficient crushing equipment can perfectly process regular or irregular samples and it is an ideal machine for heavy-metal-free ROSH and WEEE test (e.g. rubber, plastics, garbage, circuit board, etc.). It is suitable for grinding temperature-sensitive materials due to the quickly and less heat milling, so it is always the favorite machine for laboratory analyzers.

Work Principle

The cutting mill process the sample by the strong cutting and shear force . The sample to be processed falls into the cutting chamber via the hopper and is shredded by cutting between rotating and fixed knives until it passes an attached sieve as ground product into the collect bucket.

Application Wood, paperboard, paper, spice, straw ,leather, rubber, raw material, bone, animal feed, cable, plastic electric wastes, Non-metallic waste, grain, lignite, peat and so on.

Product Advantages
  • Powerful size reduction, even of heterogeneous mixtures
  • The speed is adjustable between 500-3000rpm,continuouslyadjustable
  • Final fineness depends on bottom sieve
  • Apply to the temperature sensitivity samples due to the quickly and less heat milling
  • Easy, fast and thorough cleaning of the grinding chamber
  • Motor safety switches and electronic security system, to guarantee the motor brake off when the door opened
  • Wide range of collection system to meet various requirement
  • Big screen touch panel, human interface, speed adjustment can be imported by the control panel

Technical Specifications

Feed size<90mm
Final fineness0.1~20mm
Motor speed100~3000rpm
Batch quantity5L or 0.2~85kg/h
Collector5L or 0.5L,1L,2L,30L
Drive power2.2 KW
Rated power3.0KW
Power supply380V,50Hz
Instrument size(W*D*H)640*825*1510mm
Package size(W*D*H)900*960*1450mm
Net weight90kg
Gross weight186kg

Cutting Mill CM200

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