TDM-10 X-Ray Diffactrometer - Table Top

TDM-10 X-ray small diffractometer is mainly used for phase analysis of powders, solids and similar paste materials. The device is small in size, light in weight, low in power consumption, and can quickly calibrate and test samples. The measurement accuracy of the position is 0.001°, which is used for computer control, and the data collection and timely processing can be directly seen under the Windows window.
TDM-10 X-ray diffractometer small , mainly used for powders, pastes and similar solid phase analysis of materials , widely used in the study of geology, marine , nuclear reactions station laboratory , but also in small industrial control laboratories and universities laboratories.
Small size, light weight , low power consumption , fast calibration and test samples ; according to Debye - Scherrer geometric principles , high-precision test results obtained ; precision diffraction peak position ± 0.01 degrees ; using industrial tablet computers and PLC control and management of the instrument , you can see the placement of the sample through the camera , on the diffraction data collection and analysis of real-time processing .

Technical Specifications

Parts Item Specification
X -ray tube
Target material The anode Cu target one
Focus 1×10mm
Power 600W
Other indicators
Supply voltage (single phase) AC 220V ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz
Goniometer radius 150mm
2θMeasurement Range 0~125°
2θMeasurement Accuracy 0.01°
2θAngular resolution 0.02°
Counter High Voltage 0 ~ 2000V continuously adjustable
Counting method Differential or integral
Detector high voltage stability Better than ± 0.005%
Control Software
Turn the control goniometer , collecting data , save data and other functions
Application Software Perfect rich data analysis and processing functions
Computer Brand Machine

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