UV LightBox ( UV Transiluminator )

UV2020-X ; UV2035-X
UV2020-1 ; UV2020-2 ; UV2020-3 ; UV2020-B
UV2035-1 ; UV2035-2 ; UV2035-3 ; UV2035-B

UV LightBox for DNA / RNA / Protein gel electrophoresis image, fast lighting up, high / low intensity, 15wX6.

Specification :

  • Wavelength: 306nm (or 254nm, 365nm)
  • Size: 50(w) x 32(D) x 15 (H) cm
  • View size: 20x20cm (or 20x35cm)
  • Light source: 15W x 6 tubes
  • Light intensity: high & low selectable
  • Fast lighting up: lighting up at oncewhen switch on and no blink
  • Extra magnetic working area for tube rack or operating tool
  • Big size UV resistant plastic cover 30x34cm
  • Cool fan is included
  • Closed UV view : 4 sides of cover stop UV
  • Safety device: UV leakage indicator willhave color change, if UV come out from plastic cover
  • Diffuse UV background: decrease UV tube image


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